Saturday, 28 January 2017

Day (N/A): Failure and Ideas

Dear Reader,

I don't have a good excuse for failing NaNoWriMo. I should've kept writing the whole way through; I shouldn't have allowed myself to get distracted by politics and day to day life. I truly love writing and I need to make it my career.

That's why today is so annoying. Why? Because I came up with another idea and I have a hundred other ideas I need to finish.

The Desert Child

Aka: What the Hell Brain?

Imagine a world where planes fly without fuel. Imagine a world where Southern Africa is powered by a new form of exotic energy. Imagine a world where soldiers don't have to reload; where the emergency services can build tailored medicine every time they meet a patient; where for the first time technology is being used to expand the capacity of the human brain. Then imagine that all of this is being driven by one sixteen year old boy who every night sobs to himself: "They are coming. They are coming."

And you know what? He's right. WE are...

Monday, 7 November 2016

Day 8: One Down, Eff You NaNoWriMo

Lets Get Ready For:


Stephen King is criminally underrated.

Last Christmas I picked up a book written by Mr King that I must have reread at least a dozen times since. A book called: Needful Things.

Needful Things isn't the smartest thing King has ever written. In terms of pure style it definitely isn't the best thing he's ever written. But something about it always stuck with me. The book is about a shop that opens in a small town, and the shop-keep who offers his new neighbours various brickabrack that brings them levels of joy they previously thought impossible. But ultimately its a book about desire and the way desire can become greed and greed can become jealousy.

It inspired the first story I've written for this week of NaNoWriMo. Allow me to introduce you to:

One Oh One Point Five

North London has a thousand things to see. The best football team in the world. The Crystal Maze. An Agony Aunt Wizard named 'D' who runs a Pirate Radio...

'D' Got into this business to help people. But it turns out magic comes with a price and sometimes it comes with a price on your head....


This is a concept I originally made for a horror story podcast I wanted to get done in the lead up to Halloween, but unfortunately real life got in the way and I wasn't able to arrange recording equipment. I love the concept though. You can do a bunch of things with it: Horror, Thriller, Tragedy, Comedy.

I've gone for a mix. I'm not sure how well it will work; and editing it is a bitch. I probably won't be able to upload it this week and I'll focus for the next five days on getting my short stories done.

Truth be told it's a hard one to do. I had most of the script version written, but changing it to a book version involved a near-complete rewrite plus adding in three or four subplots.

I probably won't be able to upload it this week. I'll focus for the next five days on getting my short story ideas done. 

Favourite Snippet

And so I figured it was time to ask for help. I had plenty of people to choose from. My brother James for one, Big Kam from Birmingham, my ex-girlfriend Denise from and a-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Sorry, I couldn’t keep that shit up. I’m one of those unfortunates, the half-formed creatures formed from discarded clay and second hand clothes. The creatures that are pushed and prodded and carved into an uncanny-valley simulacrum of a human being. People like me don’t have people we can call for help. We’re pushed out of society and left to our own devices. Nobody wants to help us. Nobody cares.

Next Time

Run and Hide...

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Day 1: A Twist on NaNoWriMo

The Alarm Bell rings. The Forums and Subreddits are buzzing with activity. Thousands of budding Writers have realised: Today is the first Day of NaNoWriMo.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, it's back! And this time, it's personal

Every year, Every Year, Every Year, I always fall victim to the same flaw: I. Get. Bored. You see, NaNoWriMo requires that you write a certain amount of words every day for the entire month, with the theory being that if you do so you will inevitably end up with a novel.

I have a different problem. To quote the Honorable Poet James Dickey:

"I don't understand how a writer could get 'writer's block' so-called. My problem is having too much and being unable to get it down."

- Sourced from Poet Laureate II - Canibus (seriously, listen to this shit).

Every time I try and write a novel I think of a thousand ideas I'd much rather be writing at that point in time and because of that I never get anything done. I have about fifty different story plans spread across my notebooks, USB sticks, hard-drives, and in my Google Documents, none of which are bad, but all of which I left unfinished.

This year, I'm going to finish them.

I've grouped thirty of my best story ideas into different collections:

  1. See No Evil
  2. Hear No Evil
  3. Speak No Evil
Every story is thematically linked to the title of its collection. Every day I will write one story and upload it for your reading pleasure. If you're interested, and you enjoy my work, feel free to share this blog on social media. Together we'll tell one hell of a tale. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Duma Segwagwe.